Is Legit ? 2024

A layman might question, is legit? This article will help clear all their doubts and provide information regarding the website’s legitimacy. It will consist of details about the website, like specifications, pros, cons, and the existing customers’ reviews.

It is a site that provides information related to class action lawsuits to the general public and also serves as a medium for individuals to participate and reap benefits from class action lawsuits.

About is a website with professionals who aim to provide information about active lawsuits, investigations, and settlements, expose corporate wrongdoing, and act as a medium for customers to fight back against the wrongs.

These professionals have expertise in reporting legal incidents for almost a decade and empower individuals to stand up against the wrongs committed by corporations. As they are not a law firm, they can’t provide legal advice but can provide legal resources to find an attorney.

The information collected from the customers is just sent to attorneys so that they can provide the necessary legal services, but this information is never sent to any third party, therefore maintaining the customers’ privacy. Though these facts about the website seem positive but at the same time suspicious, thus, the question, is legit remains unanswered.

Types of Content

  • Site has a blog comprising breaking news and experts’ opinions about the significant litigation and legislation affecting customers’ rights.
  • They even have a list of lawsuits that showcase everything about active litigation and investigations like corporate wrongdoing.
  • A settlement list is maintained, which keeps the customers updated about the lawsuits and helps them know what they should get once the litigation ends.


  • Purpose: To serve as a place where ordinary laymen can get all the information related to class action suits.
  • Contact Number: The contact number needs to be given on the website.
  • Email ID:  
  • Social media: Customers can contact staff by following the website’s social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Website Origin Date: 09-03-2000


  • Readers can be regularly updated with ongoing cases as the website continuously posts valuable information about them.
  • It helps the consumers seek justice and compensation for issues or defective business practices by becoming a data source.
  • The website offers resources through which individuals might seek legal representation quickly.


  • The information provided on this website might or might not be accurate, making it essential for the users to verify the details directly with the professional. This double work might be time-consuming and stressful for customers.
  • As observed, the contact number is not provided on the website, making it difficult for large consumers to reach out to the staff.

What are the customer reviews?

There are not many customer reviews on the website. However, it has a rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars. ClassAction is a very helpful website as it enlists all the class action suits and settlement information. It is a valuable resource for customers and helps protect themselves. The website got an above-average rating, which proves that the website is trustworthy.

However, one of the customers commented that he had to lose billions of dollars because the law firm referred by the website did not take further action after receiving an email from the defendant. Thus, the site has both positive and negative sides, and customers should be cautious while using it.

Is Legit?

After carefully analyzing the available data, we have finally found the answer to the question: Is legit? The site traffic and various mixed feedbacks shows that you can prefer this site, however, the experience may differ.

  • Tranco has ranked the website high based on the traffic volume.
  • It even has a valid SSL certificate, and DNSFilter has designated this site safe.

Thus, per the reports, the website seems secure and legitimate.


The article began with a question: Is legit? The answer is yes, the website is legitimate. Though the site strives to spread reliable information, it is still essential that the customers conduct proper due diligence before trusting the website entirely.

The website curates all the necessary details about cases and presents them in an accessible manner, but it does not claim to be 100% accurate about the status of the case. Therefore, we advise the users to consult with a legal professional and verify the data before entirely relying on it.

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